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Products - Clothing & Safety Wear

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Clothing & Safety Wear
   Jackets & Sweaters
      Heavyweight Drivers Jacket£26.48
      Endeavour Fleece£18.90
      Hudson Bodywarmer£13.10
      Military Style Crew Neck Sweater£12.06
      Military Style V-neck Sweater£13.20
      Bomber Jacket£37.85
      Dickies Hi Vis Motorway Safety Jacket En471 En343£22.75
      Dickies High Visibility Safety Hooded Sweatshirt En471£16.50
      Buckler Buckskinz Multi Pocket Work Trousers Bx 001£43.95
      Click Premium Multi-pocket Trousers£19.95
      Heavyweight Drivers Trousers£22.50
      Click Action Work Trousers£12.50
      Click Traders Work Trousers£26.50
      Combat Trousers£12.50
      Dickies Waterproof Hi Vis Safety Trousers En471 En343£11.30
      Click Premium Boilersuit£25.50
      Click Boilersuit£12
      Super Click Boilersuit£12.70
      Click Polo Shirt Two Tone£5
      Thermal Vest£6.30
      Thermal Long Johns£5.20
      Thermal Socks£3.85
      Workforce Socks£7.50
      Combat Socks£5.70
      Countrywear Portland Socks£6.75
      Sea Boot Socks£4.10
      Fingerless Gloves£2.05
      Thinsulate Gloves£3.55
      Thinsulate Black Hat£2.30
      Mongolian Cap£5.90
      Safety Baseball Cap (bumpcap)£6.70
   High Visibility Clothing
      Super Bomber Jacket£22.50
      Elsener 7 In 1 Jacket£55
      Constructor Jacket£22.50
      Two Tone Jacket£18.98
      Carnoustie Jacket£39
      Carnoustie Fleece Jacket£28.50
      Reversible Bodywarmer£28.40
      Hi-vis Pique Polo Shirt Long Sleeved£12
      Hi-vis Pique Polo Shirt Short Sleeved£8.10
      Long Sleeve Jerkin£4.45
      Waistcoat Full App. G£2
      Multi-purpose Vest£6.40
      Traffic Trousers£7.80
      Birkdale Trousers£24.50
      Belfry Trousers£16.50
   Safety Wear
      Head Gear£6.95
      Standard Face Visor - Bbfv7£3
      Mesh Visor - Bbmv7£5.10
      Metal Edged Face Visor - Bbmefv8£3.45
      Forestry Kit£18.95
      Safety Helmet Premium Comfort-plus£6.20
      Clip-on Ear Defender£10.95
      Premium Ear Defenders£9.75
      Economy Ear Defenders£2.50
      Folding Ear Defenders£9.71
      Banded Ear Plugs£1.66
      Standard Ear Plugs Box Of 200£14
      P1 Mask Box Of 20
      P1 Mask Valved Box Of 10£8
      P2 Mask Box Of 20£16.60
      P2 Mask Valved Box Of 10£10
      P2 Charcoal Mask Valved Box Of 10£22
      P2 Mask Red Valve Box Of 10£9
      P3 Mask Valved Box Of 5£15
      Atlas Back Support£16.70
      Titan Back Support£33.50
      Kneeprotectors Pair Black£3.75
      Pu Knee Pad£6.90
      Riveted Cap Knee Pad£10.90
      Poly Ridged Knee Pad£13.90
      Superior Gel Knee Pad£18.90
      Safety Baseball Cap (bumpcap)£6.70
      Nevada Safety Spectacles£2.35
      Utah Safety Spectacles£3.95
      Colorado Safety Spectacles£2.60
      Diego Safety Spectacles£3.70
      Portland Safety Spectacles£2
      Seattle Safety Spectacles Box Of 10£15
      Miami Saftey Spectacles£6.50
      Vegas Safety Spectacles£1.80
      Chemical Goggles£1.70
      General Purpose Goggles Box Of 10£11.35
      Wide Vision Goggles£6
      Universal Goggles£4.20
      Premium Goggles£5.10
   Rigger Boots
      Rigger Boot - Workit Waterproof£52
      Lightweight - Tuffking 9068 Rigger Boot£20
      Industrial - Samson 7091 Rigger Boot£44
      Rigger Boot - Grafters M21b£28
      Rigger Boot - Grafters M239bsm£32
      Rigger Boot - S1p Lined With Scuff Cap£35.50
      Rigger Boot - Amblers Fs117£32
      Vtech Lynx Low Cut Rigger£59.50
      Vtech Bison Hide Boot£46
      Vtech Aztech Urban Hiker£54
      Vtech Tomahawk Waterproof Rigger£69.50
      Vtech Mohawk Leather Boot£59.64
      Vtech Stampede Leather Dealer Boot£57
      Vtech Boulder Black Derby Boot£57
      Vtech Storm Brown Waterproof Hiker£65.42
      Vtech Rawhide Brown Dealer Boot£56.89
      Cofra Rodano Safety Boot£35.54
      Cofra Tirrenian Safety Boot£28
      Buckbootz S5 Bbz6000£73
      Corfra Themic Boot£57.95
      Sports Style Shoe - Workit Antelope Wka51£43.95
      Steel Toe & Midsole - Goodyear Welted B1151 Sm Dealer Boot£49.90
      Steel Toe & Midsole - Goodyear Welted B200 Sma£50.40
      Steel Toe & Midsole - Goodyear Welted B500 Mdsm£48.50
      Steel Toe & Midsole - Goodyear Welted B301 Sm£50.95
      Hiker Style Lace Boot - Workit Waterproof Wk002 Brown£48.65
      Hiker Style Lace Boot - Workit Waterproof Wk002 Black£48.65
      Athletic Hiker - Tuffking 9307 Trainer£25.95
      Athletic Hiker - Tuffking 8017£31.50
      Athletic Hiker - Tuffking 9064 Trainer£25.50
      Athletic Hiker - Tuffking 9333£29.50
      Lightweight - Tuffking 9538 Mid Cut Boot£31.50
      Lightweight - Tuffking 9039 Boot£14.95
      Hiker Boot - Samson Xl 7111£33.50
      Hiker Boot - Samson Xl 7112£33.50
      Trainer Boot - Samson Xl 7755£33.50
      Slip Resistant Chukka Boot - Samson 7778£31.50
      Three Eyelet Shoe£18.95
      Black Brogue£29.50
      Safety Boot - Grafters M240a£16
      Safety Boot - Grafters M538a£26
      Dealer Boot - Grafters M5900a£30
      Hiker Style Safety Boot - S3 Click Traders Traxion£37.50
      Hiker Style Safety Boot - S3 Thinsulate£37.95
      Hiker Style Saftey Boot - S3 Nubuck£34.95
      Chukka Boot - Black 4 D-ring Steel Toe£13.95
      Chukka Boot - Black 4 D-ring Steel Toe & Midsole£14.20
      Hiker Style Safey Boot - Amblers Fs122£33
      Latex Coated Multi-purpose Glove£1.20
      Cold Star Latex Coated Hi-visibility Glove£3.75
      Nitrile Knitwrist H/w Fully Coated£3
      Nitrile Safety Cuff H/w Fully Coated£3
      Nitrile Foam Nylon Gloves£1.75
      Pu Coated Gloves£1.30
      Criss Cross Yellow Gloves£1
      Thinsulate Gloves£3.55
      Fingerless Gloves£2.05
      Pvc Gauntlet Open Cuff 14 Inch£2.20
      Pvc Gauntlet Open Cuff 18 Inch£3
      Pvc Fully Coated Knitwrist Gloves£1
      Nitrile Gauntlet Flock Lined£1.39
      Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder Free£9.95
      Cat Ii Red Welders Gauntlet£3.50
      Cat Ii Blue/gold Welders Gauntlet£2.95
      Canadian Chrome Economy Standard Rigger£0.75
      Freezer Gloves One Piece Piece Back£5.10
      Quality Lined Drivers Gloves£4.35
      Canadian Double Palm High Quality Rigger£1.50
      Canadian High Quality Royal Rigger£1.40
   First Aid
      1 Person First Aid Pouch£6.50
      50 Person First Aid Kit£38.50
      10 Person First Aid Kit£18.95
      Psv First Aid Kit£14.50

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