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Decorating & Cleaning
   Professional Wall Paper Stripper 230v£10£15£20
   Hot Air Gun£7£10.50£14
   High Volume Air Paint Sprayer£20£30£40
   Paddle Stirrer Drill£14£21£28
   Single Head Blowtorch£5£7.50£10
   Porta -nailer£13£19.50£26
   Porta Sliding Hammer£5£7.50£10
   Tile Cutters
      Porcelain Table Saw 1300 Mm Capacity£70£110£140
      Porcelain Table Saw 1300 Mm Capacity£70£110£140
      Electric Tile Cutter 180mm Blade 240v£12£18£24
      Table Tile Cutting Saw 240v To 450mm£20£30£40
      Electric Tile Cutter 110v To 1000mm£60£90£120
      Manual Tile Cutter To 220mm Art 24£6£9£12
      Manual Tile Cutter 450mm Art 43£8£12£16
      Manual Tile Cutter To 520mm Art 52£12£18£24
      Manual Tile Cutter To 300mm Art 31£10£15£20
      Manual Tile Cutter To 930mm Art 93£20£30£40
      Manual Tile Cutter£40£60£80
   Floor Care & Cleaning
      Carpet Cleaner Domestic/professional£15£22.50£30
      Carpet Cleaner Industrial£35£37.50£70
      Karcher De4002 Steam Cleaner£35£52.50£70
      Floor Scrubber/polisher 400mm£18£27£36
      Floor Scrubber/polisher Rotary Brush£40£60£100
      Twin Motor 90 Litre Wet/dry Vacuum Cleaner£22£33£42
      Twin Motor 40 Litre Wet/dry Vacuum Cleaner£19£28.50£38
      Numatic Wet/dry Vac 23 Ltr£18£27£36
      Numatic Light Duty Vacuum£6£9£12
      Karcher Industrial Battery Powered Sweeper£40£60£80
      Karcher Pedestrian Sweeper 500mm£20£30£40
      Commercial Blower Carpet Floor Dryer£15£22.50£30
      Carpet Stretcher£6£9£12
      Power Brush From Broadwood£60£90£120
      Power Sweeping Brush£90£135£180
   Power Brushes
      Power Sweeping Brush£90£135£180
      Tracmaster Power Sweeper/ Snow Brush£125£185£250
      Power Brush From Broadwood£60£90£120
      Pedestrian Power Brush£60£90£120
      Stihl Kombi Powersweep£50£25£100
      Kersten K 2100 Hydraulic Power Brush£120£200£280
   Surface Preparation
      110v Floor Tile Stripper£35£52.50£70
      Concrete Floor Planer/scarifier Errut/spe 110v 200mm£45£67.50£90
      Concrete Floor Planer/scarifier Errut/spe Petrol 200mm£45£67.50£90
      Floor Grinder Spe/errut Petrol£45£67.50£90
      Surface Grinding/texturing Machine 110v£45£67.50£90
      Diamond Head Floor Grinder 250mm£60£90£120
      Diamond Head Floor Grinder 180mm£30£45£60
      180mm Surface Hand Grinder£20£30£40
      Pc1100 Hand Held Masonry Planer 4"(100mm)£25£37.50£50
      Concrete Grinder Handheld 125mm£25£37.50£50
      Drum Floor Sander£28£42£56
      Ht 7 Floor Edge Sander£20£30£40
      Heavy Duty Floor Scrabbler 110v£45£67.50£90
      Hiretch Htf Orbital Floor Sander£30£45£60
      Kersten K2100 Weed Eater £100£150£200
   Power Cleaning
      Towed Pressure Wash /bowser 1100ltr£95£150£220
      Petrol Pressure Washer 1500 Psi£30£45£60
      Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 Psi£45£67.50£90
      Honda Pressure Wash 3500psi£55£82.50£110
      Diesel Pressute Washer 3600 Psi£70£110£140
      Diesel Pressure Washer 3600psi£70£110£140
      Steam Cleaner Industrial Hds 601£45£67.50£90
      Steam Cleaner Diesel Fired 13hp Petrol Engine£80£120£160
      Whirl-a-way Mono Block Cleaning Attachment£20£30£40
      Extending Lance To 7.3 Mtrs£25£37.50£50

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