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Products - Lighting, Power & Welding

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Lighting, Power & Welding
   Distribution Box 4 Way 16 Amp110v£4£6£8
   Distribution Box 6 Way 32 Amp£6£9£12
   Three Way Splitter 110v£2.50£3.75£5
   Extension Cable 240v 13 Amp£1.25£1.75£2.50
   Extension Cable 110v 14 M ,1.5mm£1.25£1.75£2.50
   Ext Cable 32 Amp 14m 2.5mm£2.50£3.75£5
   Extension Cable 240v 16 Amp£1.25£1.75£2.50
   Fly Lead 16amp To 13 Amp (for Generator)£1£1.50£2
      110v Plasterers Flourescent Light£6£9£12
      Uplight Fluorescent Light 36w 4ft£10£15£20
      Uplight Fluorescent Light 18w 2ft£9£13.50£18
      5 Metre Mast Light 4x500 Watt£18£27£36
      Festoon Lighting 3m Spacing 25m£8£12£16
      Festoon Lighting 3m Spacing 50m£15£22.50£30
      Fluorescent Contractor Light 2ft£6£9£12
      Magnetic Site Light 500w 110v£6£9£12
      Magnetic Site Light Low Energy 27w£7£10.50£14
      Tripod Light 500w Single£5£7.50£10
      Tripod Light 500w Double£7£10.50£14
      Tripod Light Low Energy 27w Single£6£9£12
      Tripod Light Low Energy 27w Double£7£10.50£14
      Standard Mini Pod Light£4£6£8
      Standard Mini Pod Light Low Energy£6£9£12
   Portable Lighting Towers
      Trime Led Lighting Tower£90£145£180
   Generators - Petrol
      Stephill 2.7 Kva 2.2 Kw Honda£14£21£28
      Stephill 3.4 Kva 2.7 Kw Honda£18£27£36
      Stephill 5 Kva 4 Kw Honda£22£33£44
      Stephill 6 Kva 5 Kw Honda£25£37.50£50
   Generators - Diesel
      4.0 Kva 3.2 Kw£30£45£60
      6.0 Kva 5 Kw£35£52.50£70
      6.9 Kva 5.5 Kw Silenced£60£90£120
   Welding Generators
      Petrol 130amp Welder£30£45£60
      Petrol 200amp Portable Welder£35£52.50£70
      Magic Mosa Welder 150amp£35£52.50£70
      Mosa Welding /generator 300cx£75£110£150
   Super Silent Generators
      Skid Mounted 12 Kva 110/230/400 Volt£130
      Skid Mounted 15 Kva 240/110v 32/16 Amp£160
      25kva Silent Generator 110/230/400v£190
      Se Super Silent Diesel Gen 6.9 Kva£60£90£120
   Transformers (Portable Tool)
      1.5 Kw Portable Tool Transformer£3£4.50£6
      2.2 Kw Portable Tooltransformer£3.50£5.25£7
      3 Kw Portable Tooltransformer£4£6£8
      5 Kw Portable Tool Transformer£8£12£16
      1.5 Kw Step Up Transformer 110v-240v£6£9£12
   Site Transformers
      5 Kw Single Phase Transformer(continuous)£24
      10 Kw Single Phase Transformer(continuous)£30
      10 Kw 3 Phase Transformer( Continuous)£40

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