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Plumbing & Pipe Works
   Drain Rods (pk 10)£5£7.50£10
   Sink Cleaner (240v)£9£13.50£18
   Drain Pipe Cleaner 50-150mm 110v£30£45£60
   Mini Bore Scope Camera Lcd Screen£25£37.50£50
   Pipe Freeze Kit 110/240v£37£55.50£74
   Sink Cleaner (manual)£7£10.50£14
   Drain Testing
      Drain Test Kit£5£7.50£10
      Drain Plugs 3"-6" (75mm-150mm)£2
      Drain Plugs 8"-9" (200mm-225mm)£5
      Drain Plugs 10" (250mm)£6
      Drain Plugs 12" (300mm)£7
      Drain Plugs 15" (385mm)£9
      Smoke Box£14£21£28
      Brass Bag Inflator£2£3£4
      Air Bag 3"-6" (75mm-150mm) Canvas£4
      Air Bag 9" (225mm) Canvas£6
      Air Bag 12" (300mm) Canvas£10
      Rubber Test Balloon 2"-6" (50mm - 150mm)£8
      Rubber Test Balloon 9" (225mm)£10
      Rubber Test Balloon 12" (300mm)£16
      Rubber Test Through Balloon 4" (100mm)£9
      Rubber Test Through Balloon 6" (150mm)£11
      Rubber Test Through Balloon 9" (225mm)£17
      Balloon Hose Ext 5m£5
   Pipe Works
      Pipe Threader Manual To 50mm Bsp£14£21£28
      Pipe Threader 110v Hand Held To 50mm£28£42£56
      Pipe Threader 110v Tripod To 75mm£45£67.50£90
      Pipe Threader 110v To 100mm(4in)£60£90£120
      Pressure Test Pump£12£18£24
      Pressure Test Pump 110v£24£36£48
      Handy Copper Pipe Bender£7£10.50£14
      Floor Standing Copper Pipe Bender£14£21£28
      Conduit Pipe Bender£14£21£28
      Hydraulic Pipe Bender£22£33£44
      Dry Cut 110v Saw£24£36£48
   Pipe Cutters & Accessories
      Manual Steel Pipe Cutters To 50mm£6£9£12
      Manual Steel Pipe Cutters To 100mm£9£13.50£18
      Chain Wrench To 100mm Pipe£8£12£16
      Chain Wrench To 200mm Pipe£10£15£20
      Pipe Stilson 600mm£6£9£12
      Pipe Stilson 900mm£7£10.50£14
      Manual Soil Clay Pipe Cutter To 150mm£12£18£24
      Manual Soil Clay Pipe Cutter To 300mm£20£30£40
      Cast Iron Pipe Cutter To 300mm£30£45£60
      Reciprocating Pipe Saw 110v/240v£14£21£28
   Drains & Accessories
      Stand Pipe + Key£4£6£8
      Soil Pipe Gully Grab 100mm£5£7.50£10
      Soil Pipe Gully Grab 150mm£8£12£16
      Stop Cock Key£5
      Flexible Steel Wire Chain Koch 1mtr£2
      Drain Rod Accessories£1

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