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   Concrete Cube Mould - 4in / 100mm£3£4.50£6
   Concrete Cube Mould - 6in / 150mm£3£4.50£6
   Concrete Indent Roller 200mm£10£15£20
   Mortar Raking Kit 110v£15£22.50£30
   Cement Mixers
   240/110v 4/3 Belle Mini Mix£9£13.50£18
   Petrol 4/3 Belle Mini Mix£10£15£20
   Diesel 5/3 1/2 Winget/belle/barrowmix£36
   Diesel 7/5 Winget Electric Start£44
   Paddle (Pan) Mixers
   110v 56litre Electric Forced Action (pan) Mixer£22£33£44
   Electric 25litre Forced Action (pan) Mixer£17£25.50£34
   Diesel 30 Litre Forced Action (pan) Mixer£28£44£58
   110v 120 Litre Electric Forced Action (pan) Mixer£60£90£120
   Magic Screed
   Belle Screed Pro Power Unit£25£37.50£50
   3 Metre Petrol Engine Magic Screed£35£52.50£70
   Screed Pro Beam 5mtr£30£45£60
   Screed Pro Beam 4.2 Mtr £20£30£50
   Screed Pro Beam 3mtr£20£30£40
   Screed Pro Beam 2.5 Mtr£20£30£40
   Screed Pro Beam 1.9 Mtr£15£22.50£30
   Roller Strikers
   Roller Stiker Drive Unit And Handle (bunyan)£40£60£80
   Drive Handle 30 Ltr£15£22.50£30
   30 Litre Hydraulic Pack Only£25£37.50£50
   Roller Striker Tube To 4.2 Mtr£15£22.50£30
   Roller Striker Tube 4.5m To 6.2 Mtr£20£30£40
   Roller Striker Tube 6.5m To 8.2m£25£37.50£50
   Roller Striker Tube 8.5m To 10.5m£30£45£60
   Kerb Crawling Attachment£20
   Vibrating Pokers
   Strimmer Poker/honda Powered£35£52.50£70
   Carrypack 110v Poker C/w Poker 50mm£20£30£40
   Petrol Poker Drive Unit£20£30£40
   1 1/2" Flexy Poker For Drive Unit£12£18£24
   2" Flexy Poker For Drive Unit£12£18£24
   3" Flexy Poker For Drive Unit£12£18£24
   1" Air Flexy Poker£15£22.50£30
   1 1/2" Air Flexy Poker£15£22.50£30
   2" Air Flexy Poker£15£22.50£30
   3" Air Flexy Poker£15£22.50£30
   Power Floats
   24" 600mm 4 Blade Power Float£30£45£60
   36" 900mm 4 Blade Power Float£30£45£60
   46" 1200mm 4 Blade Power Float£35£52.50£70
   Extra Blades 36" - SalePurchase Price: £35
   Extra Blades 46" - SalePurchase Price: £42
   24" 600mm Finishing Pan£10
   36" 900m Finishing Pan£12
   46" 1200mm Finishing Pan£14
   Hand Floats
   3ft Easy Float (big Blue)£30
   4ft Easy Float (big Blue)£34
   5ft Easy Float (big Blue)£36
   4ft Channel Radius Float£36
   3ft/4ftfresno Broom£40
   4ft Bull Float£36
   Planers / Scarifiers / Grinders
   Concrete Floor Planer/scarifier Errut/spe Petrol 200mm£45£67.50£90
   Concrete Floor Planer/scarifier Errut/spe 110v 200mm£45£67.50£90
   Floor Grinder Spe/errut Petrol£45£67.50£90
   Blocks - ExtraPurchase Price: £3
   Pc1100 Hand Held Masonry Planer 4"(100mm)£25£37.50£50
   Trolley Mounted Planer/grinder 7"£25£37.50£50
   Surface Grinding/texturing Machine 110v£45£67.50£90
   Floor Scrabblers
   Floor Scrubber 400mm£20£30£40
   Heavy Duty Floor Scrabbler 110v£45£67.50£90
   Vacuum Unit To Suit Floor Grinder£10£15£20

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