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Electronic Rebar Finder/wall scanner

D-tect 100 Bosch Wall Scanner
Technical specs and operating scope
D-tect 100 Wall Scanner, finally an instrument that can almost turn the wall "transparent", the D-tect 100 Bosch Intellegent Measurement Wall Scanner detects all common materials/objects, also plastic piping, cables, hollow spaces, steel reinforcement, three-phase and extra low voltage connections
The unit is easy to use, deals with a variaty of wall materials, is reliable, fast and produces clear measuring results

The instrument has three mode settings:
Mode S: The standard setting after switching the unit on, is suitable for most general applications
Objects up to a depth of 6cm are displayed, hollow space structures in brickwork or empty pipes with a diameter of less than 2.5cm may be suppressed
Use another mode only when deeper drilling is necessary (mode 1) or when there are materials with several layers on top of each other (mode 2)

Mode 1: Suitable for measurements in homogenous wall materials (eg concrete)
Objects (including hollow spaces) up to a depth of 100mm are displayed, in non-homogenous walls (eg light construction) using this mode would result in too many objects on the display

Mode 2: Suitable for measurement in materials with several layers on top of each other (eg light construction, flooring) or many hollow spaces (eg gypsum plaster board)
Electric wiring, metal, wood and water filled pipes are displayed up to a depth of40mm, further details of this machine can be found by logging on to where along with extra instrument information you can see the D-tect 100 in action

.Depth of measurement 100mm max
.Accuracy +/-5mm
.Auto switch off 5minutes
.Power supply 4 x 1.5v AA batteries
.Water & dust protection IP 54
.Size 273mm x 98mm x 100mm

Hire Charges
1 Day£18.00
2 Days£27.00
1 Week£36.00

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