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180mm surface Hand Grinder

This 7" hand grinder has been specifically designed for use in confined areas where larger plant cannot reach.

- Steel or Rubber Dust Shrouds for connection to vacuum unit for 'Dust Free' operation and pollution control
- Unique construction allows airflow to prevent restriction of movement thus ensuring uniform results
- Ideal for working in inaccessible areas
- Fitted with Dust Extraction Point - for attachment to vacuum unit
- Quick assembly/disassembly
- Low noise levels
- Portable and compact
- No maintenance

- Finishing concrete surfaces and Laitence removal
- Edge Preparation
- Levelling of uneven areas
- Descaling
- De-rusting Steel surfaces
- Smoothing/Keying
- Removal of contaminants
- Paint removal
1800 watt motor
110v power supply(requires a 3kva transformer)

Hire Charges
1 Day£20.00
2 Days£30.00
1 Week£40.00

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